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This page is dedicated to FileMaker users.

A collection of tips and tricks and answers to common questions

Initiated on November 21st, 2005

More examples will be added as time permits. These will answer questions that appeared on various FileMaker lists, mainly the FileMaker TechTalk, or were taken from own solutions.

Code examples are provided free of charge for your convenience, narrated with great care but without any warranty. Use at your own risk.

Title Description
Age Calculation Calculate the distance between two dates, called age
Canadian Postcode Checking the Canadian Postcode Format
Clean Text Entry Filter unwanted characters during data entry into a text field
Custom Functions Recursive Custom Functions to convert HEX to decimal and vice versa
Export List of Fields An XML style sheet to export field names and types
File Corruption Make sure your files are in good working shape and free of corruption
Index Problems How to recognize and cure FileMaker Pro Index Problems
Language and Locale How to change a file's language and locale formats
POST for WebViewer Submit your data to a web server exactly like a browser
Print Trouble Remove old file names from Print and Save As PDF dialogs
Printer Crash Avoid excessive Printer Queues
Rebuild a Damaged File Save time when rebuilding a damaged file
Recover.log What's the meaning of all these log entries? What to do?
Serial Numbers Generating Reliable Keys for Relationships
Sort a Repeating Field Sort elements in one or more repeating fields
Table Dilemma The FileMaker table-naming chaos and other suggestions
Time-stamps Convert between various time-stamp formats
Resolved Bugs These bugs have been resolved by an update or a new version
FMDiff Home How to compare FileMaker files and folders, check for file corruption


Comments about these examples are welcome.

Examples are provided "AS IS" without warranties of any kind. Use at your own risk.

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